POCT Test Technology Development Prospects and R&D Focus

1. From POCT test technology to POCT solution: With the gradual application of POCT in emergency departments, ICUs, outpatient departments and other hospital internal departments, the demand for POCT test has evolved from a simple index test to a quick and convenient test solution in a certain scenario. "Miniaturization", "Integration", and "Intellectualization" have also put forward higher requirements for POCT's technological development and integration.

2. For POCT testing, on the one hand, further technical innovations are needed.  It is essential to establish and optimize a more accurate and lower-cost technology platform based on innovative technologies, to meet the testing needs in different situations. On the other hand, it is necessary to fully evaluate the POCT test scenarios, cost, and performance requirements.

3. Attach importance to the production-university-research cooperation of POCT test technology products: A breakthrough in the core link of reagent development is the key to the successful establishment and application of POCT products. Universities and research institutes have more advantages in the acquisition of R&D samples and technology accumulation. Therefore, strengthening the collaboration of industry, university and research will help POCT companies gain advantages.

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