All Trusted Med Hospital equipment repair App launched in Kenya

5 days IVD training workshop for 60 biomedical engineers.

Alltrusted medical explored a great partnership with AMEK - Association of Medical Engineering of Kenya, big thanks and congratulations to Chairman Symon Mbakah for your leadership.

The training will not be successful without the trainers from Chem-Labs Limited and @Maccura China. Thank u for your contribution!

Launch of Africare Aftersales service application on 8th April, as director of All Trusted Medical, I am grateful for the sponsorship from HK Gov and Hkngca Iec NewGen Funding scheme to make my dream come true.

We are honored and credit to VIPs for supporting our event:

Africa Health Business

Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry - KNCCI

Kenya Investment Authority

Kenya China Chamber of Commerce

East Africa China Chamber of Commerce

@Asia & Africa committee, Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce 香港總商會

Smile Train Africa

Checkups Medical

And all of our 60 beloved engineers.

Let's strength Kenya healthcare together!



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