What Should Be Noted When Using ECG EKG Machine?

In clinical work, the use of ECG EKG machine is absolutely essential for nurses to master. When patients experience symptoms such as discomfort in the precordial region or chest pain, timely and accurate provision of an electrocardiogram to the doctor is of great significance for the patient's treatment and the doctor's diagnosis. However, during the use of an ECG EKG machine, inexperienced colleagues often encounter various problems. The following summarizes some of these problems.

Carefully inspect the ECG EKG machine during handover and before and after performing an electrocardiogram

  • Check if the ECG EKG machine is charging. Ensure that the power interface and plug are fully inserted to avoid delaying the timing of graphing due to insufficient power.

  • Ensure the correct placement of the probes for chest lead. Especially after performing the electrocardiogram, be sure to remove the chest lead suction bulb adhered to the patient's chest in a timely manner.

  • Ensure that the lead wires are properly arranged and easy to pick up. After performing the electrocardiogram, you can remove the chest leads first, then remove the limb leads. By removing them part by part, you can avoid entanglement and save time for untangling.

  • Ensure that there is enough electrocardiogram paper and be aware of the paper loading method for different types of ECG EKG machine machines.

  • Ensure that there is enough coupling agent and physiological saline.

Practical operation of the ECG EKG machine

How to place the limb leads in patients with open fractures, amputation infections, or limb burns?

a) The limb leads can be clamped at the proximal/distal end of the limb, avoiding the wound. They can even be attached to any position on the limb, such as the shoulder joint or the far end of the groin.

b) If it is impossible to clamp them on the limb, the tail needle of the lead wire can be taken out, and it can be attached to the skin of the limb (clean skin), and then recorded.

What to do when a patient in cardiac arrest is undergoing chest compressions and an electrocardiogram needs to be recorded?

As long as the limb lead wires are properly connected (regardless of the connection to the chest lead wires), a limb lead electrocardiogram can be recorded. However, it is not possible to record chest lead separately without connecting the limb lead wires. We can freeze the electrocardiogram when evaluating the patient's condition (no more than 10 seconds without chest compressions).

After using the ECG EKG machine, be careful to clean the patient's skin, tidy up the patient's clothing, and especially pay attention to covering female patients to avoid unnecessary disputes.

Label the electrocardiogram promptly and accurately with the patient's name, gender, bed number, and medical record number. Follow the doctor's orders to record the patient's vital signs. In addition to personnel and technical issues, it is also worth noting the problem of poor contact between components of an old ECG EKG machine. Therefore, cleaning and maintaining the ECG EKG machine is also indispensable, which will ensure a smooth start for the next colleague taking over the ECG EKG machine.

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