What Are the Classifications and Uses of Surgery Beds?

Operating theatre bed is the basic equipment for clinical surgery, also known as operating bed. It can support patients during surgery and adjust their position according to the needs of the operation, allowing medical staff to perform surgery better.

In addition to the above, what are the classifications and uses of surgery beds?

Classification of Operating Beds:

Classification by Driving and Control Method:

(1) Side-operated surgery bed, which provides side operation functions for surgeries that require side operations, making it easier for the surgeon.

(2) Head-operated surgery bed, which is suitable for head-related surgeries and can be used for most head surgeries.

(3) Electric-hydraulic surgery bed is powered by electric hydraulic and controlled by buttons on the handle to change its position, such as lifting, tilting left and right, tilting front and back, lifting the waist and back, and fixing it in place, to meet the requirements of the surgery.

Classification by Surgery Department:

Comprehensive surgery bed

Applicable to a variety of surgeries, including thoracic surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics, ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynecology, otorhinolaryngology, urology, etc.

Specialized surgery bed

  • Delivery bed, for obstetrics and gynecology;

  • Orthopedic surgery bed;

  • Neurosurgery surgery bed;

  • Ophthalmology bed.

Uses of Operating Beds

Operating theatre bed is the equipment platform for anesthesia and surgery. Choosing the right surgery bed directly affects the anesthesia and surgery process, so it is necessary to standardize the use of surgery beds.

The functions of modern surgery beds are becoming more and more diversified, gradually moving towards intelligent development, and can meet the needs of different surgical operations. However, the basic requirements for surgery beds are mainly six: sturdy, reliable, durable, fully functional, easy to operate, comfortable and labor-saving.

When choosing an surgery bed, pay attention to the basic performance of the surgery bed, and consider other requirements after meeting the basic requirements, such as choosing a more intelligent one.

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