How to Use Fetal Heart Doppler and Common Fetal Monitor?

How to use fetal heart doppler?

The health of the fetus is undoubtedly very important to pregnant mothers. In many cases, instruments are required to detect the condition of the fetus. The most common is the heart rate test of the fetus. The fetal heart rate monitor is an electronic device used for fetal heart rate monitoring.

General obstetrics and gynecology hospitals provide fetal heart rate monitoring, and the current generation of intelligent fetal heart doppler instruments covers the functions of traditional fetal heart rate monitors.

A China fetal doppler provides advanced features, including not only the ability to listen to fetal heart rates but also the capability to meet standard home monitoring of fetal heart rate. It can also draw monitoring curves, count the fetal heart rate and movements, and provide the added feature of sharing this information with medical professionals for remote assistance. The device can be used alongside mobile phone software for added convenience and accessibility.

1. Before the first use, the battery cover of the fetal heart rate sensor must be opened, and the battery that meets the requirements must be installed.

2. Insert the earphone into the headphone socket of the main unit.

3. Power on: Turn the left switch/volume knob upwards to power on the fetal heart Doppler. For baby sound A, the LED work indicator will display green, and for baby sound B, the LCD will display "― ― ―".

4. Find the fetal position: first touch the fetal position with your hands to find the best position of the fetal heart, then apply an appropriate amount of ultrasonic couplant evenly on the acoustic surface of the ultrasound probe, stick the probe to the abdominal wall of the pregnant woman, and adjust the probe position or angle to obtain the best fetal position. Heart signal, adjust the volume according to the signal.

5. Fetal heart rate calculation: For baby sound A, the fetal heart rate is calculated from the fetal heart sound heard; for baby sound B, the LCD display value is the fetal heart rate value, listen for about 1 minute each time.

6. After the operation is over, turn the left switch/volume knob of the fetal heart doppler down to shut down directly.

7. Wipe off excess couplant on the probe with a soft cloth.

How to use the fetal monitor?

Fetal heart rate monitors are provided in general maternity hospitals, mainly to detect whether the fetal movement is abnormal, and then make corresponding treatment according to the status of the fetal heart rate. So how to use fetal monitor? The following will introduce to you how to use the fetal heart rate.

The first is the preparation before using the fetal heartbeat. If you listen to the fetal heartbeat at home, it is recommended that after the 16th week of pregnancy, the best time to listen to the fetal heartbeat is within 30 to 60 minutes after breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is no electromagnetic field around. Or radiation interference, you need to use couplant.

Find a comfortable, quiet, and interference-free environment for mothers, lie flat, raise your head slightly, straighten your legs, and relax. When lying down, the fetal heart rate will be closer to the pregnant woman's abdominal wall, and the distance to the probe will be closer, making it easier for the fetal monitor to hear.

Apply couplant, water or cooking oil on the belly. The couplant is applied because the ultrasonic wave is easily dissipated in the air. Its function is to squeeze out the air in the pores of the skin, so that the probe is in close contact with the skin.

Open the fetal heart rate monitor, put the probe on the stomach, and start looking for the fetal heart position. You must be patient to find the fetal heart rate position. Before the first use, open the battery cover of the fetal heart rate instrument, insert the battery, and headphones can be plugged into the headphone jack of the host or listened directly.

Put the probe close to the abdominal wall, use a little soft force, not just touch the belly lightly, this can prevent the air between the probe and the belly, which will cause noise and make the signal reception better.

The easiest reference to find the fetal heart position is when the fetal heart rate is checked in the hospital, the position where the doctor places the fetal monitor probe is the fetal heart position.

And you can hear the crisp sound of the fetal heartbeat, usually for one to two minutes at a time, to calculate the number of fetal heartbeats in one minute, 120 to 160 beats per minute is the normal range.

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