The Principle of Urine Analyser Machine

1. The development of urine analyser machine

When we go to see a doctor now, we often encounter doctors who ask for a urine test to determine whether there are problems in the urinary system, liver, etc. In fact, as early as in the past, the ancients would judge the body based on the color, state, and amount of urine.

The emergence of urine analyser machine is a major breakthrough in the history of world medicine, which brings great convenience to people's health diagnosis and treatment.

2. What is the working principle of the urine analyser machine?

The urine analyser machine is generally controlled by a microcomputer, and the color change on the test strip is measured semi-quantitatively by using a spherical analyzer to receive dual-wavelength reflected light.

There are several reagent pads containing various reagents on the reagent belt, each of which reacts independently with the corresponding components in the urine, and displays different colors, and the depth of the color is related to the ratio of a certain component in the urine.

There is another "compensation pad" in the reagent strip as the background color of urine to compensate for the errors caused by colored urine and changes in the automatic urine analyser machine.

Put the reagent strip adsorbed with urine in the colorimetric tank of the urine analyser machine, and the various reagent pads that have produced chemical reactions on the reagent strip are irradiated by the light source.

The reflected light is received by the spherical integrator, and the photocell of the spherical integrator is irradiated by the reflected dual-wavelength light (measurement light passing through the filter and a beam of reference light), and the selection of each wavelength is determined by the detection item.

Now urine analyser machines have been popularized in large and small hospitals across the country. It can help us understand the physiological and pathological changes of the urinary system, assist in diagnosis and treatment, and assist in the diagnosis of other diseases, such as diabetes and pancreatitis.

In our daily life, we should also pay more attention to the changes in our urine. Generally, we can observe from the amount of urine, color and smell of urine. If there is any abnormality, go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

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