Introduction to ECG EKG Machine

Ⅰ. What is an ECG EKG machine?

Nowadays, many people in life have symptoms of heart disease. Confronting with such a situation, most people choose to go to the hospital to check for heart disease.

In this case, the doctor will ask the patient to do an electrocardiogram, but what is the role of the electrocardiogram? What do the undulating lines on the ECG EKG machine indicate?

An ECG EKG machine is an instrument used to record the physiological electrical signals generated by the heart's activity. Before the heart contracts mechanically, it first generates electrical excitation to generate bioelectrical currents, which are conducted to the body surface through tissues and body fluids, and are generated in different parts of the body. Different potential changes form a potential difference on the body surface, and the changing potential difference is recorded to form a dynamic curve, which is an electrocardiogram.

Ⅱ. The classification of ECG EKG machine

According to the function of the machine, the ECG EKG machine can be classified into a graphic tracing general electrocardiograph and a graphic tracing and analysis and diagnostic function electrocardiograph.

The ECG EKG machine can be classified into a moving coil recorder, a position feedback recorder and a dot matrix thermal recorder according to the recorder.

According to the power supply mode, ECG EKG machine can be devided into DC type, AC type and AC/DC dual-purpose ECG machines.

The digital electrocardiograph machine can be divided into single-lead and multi-lead according to the signal derivative that can be recorded at one time.

Due to the advantages of mature, reliable, easy-to-operate, moderate price, and no damage to patients, ECG EKG machine has become one of the most popular medical electronic instruments for hospitals at all levels.

An electrocardiogram is an extremely common medical test item. The ripples on the ECG EKG machine record the patient's heart activity, which can determine the health of the heart or the possibility of heart diseases.

If a person suffers from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, there will be manifestations of arrhythmia, which can be detected by an ECG EKG machine.

In addition, the ECG machine for hospital can also assist in the detection of myocardial ischemia, myocarditis, congenital heart disease, myocardial infarction, etc. These diseases are difficult to be directly observed from the outside, so the ECG EKG machine examination is a simple and effective inspection method.

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