Characteristics and Types of Shadowless Surgical OT Light Introduction

The surgical shadowless lamp is one of the important equipment in medical units, also known as shadowless lamp. Its product type can be divided into ordinary and cold light types, and its specifications are 4 holes, 5 holes, 7 holes, 8 holes, 9 holes, 12 holes and parent-child lamps. Its structure is divided into fixed and mobile.

Choosing the China OT table guarantees access to high-quality and reliable equipment for surgical procedures. The lighting system is a crucial aspect of any OT table. The ordinary shadowless lamp is a hole-type shadowless lamp using a metal reflective mirror, while the cold light shadow operation theatre light uses a glass coated reflective mirror, which allows excess infrared rays to pass through the glass reflective mirror to dissipate heat to the hole-type shadowless lamp behind the cover. The cold light single-hole surgical OT light can be divided into vertical, hanging, and wall-mounted.

Characteristics of shadowless surgical OT light

  • Shadowless, cold light, multi-reflection system design to ensure no shadow in the surgical area.

  • With a cold light source filter and cold light reflection mirror, it maximally reduces heat radiation.

  • Lightweight structure with a broad adjustment range, good stability, and a detachable adjustment handle for easy adjustment.

  • Adjust the required illumination for the surgery through the adjustment handle and central control panel.

  • The color of the light is realistic, close to natural light, making it easy for people to distinguish the finest differences in tissues and reducing eye fatigue of surgical personnel.

Types of shadowless operation theatre light

(1) According to the different types of light sources, OT light types are divided into LED lamps and integrated reflective lamps, with LED lamps further divided into circular and petal types.

  • LED lamps have multiple lamp beads, cold light sources, longer service life, and relatively higher prices compared to integrated reflections.

  • Integrated reflection is a warm light source, and the irradiated area will heat up during surgery.

(2) According to the different installation methods, they are divided into three types: hanging lights (single/double), mobile shadowless lamps, and wall-mounted shadowless lamps.

  • Hanging lights: (single/double) are commonly used in operating rooms. Before placing an order, it is necessary to clearly understand the customer’s site conditions, whether the department is newly renovated or equipment is being replaced, whether there is reserved space, and provide the distance from the ceiling to the floor.

  • Mobile: The demand for shadowless surgical OT lights is less than that of hanging lamps. Generally, gynecology, medical cosmetology and other specialized operating rooms, as well as those with poor site conditions that cannot install hanging lamps, choose mobile models.

  • Wall-mounted: Due to the heavy weight of the shadowless surgical room lamp itself, it is difficult to install on the wall, unstable, and easy to loosen, so small customized demand will choose wall-mounted.

Maintenance of shadowless operation theatre light

Cleanliness maintenance

  • Clean the surface of the shadowless operation theatre lamp with clean water or weak alkaline solvent before daily use or after each surgical operation.

  • In case of blood or fluid contamination, follow the principle of cleaning and disinfection. Choose a neutral disinfectant and avoid contact with strong acids and alkalis.

  • Avoid using chlorine-containing washing solution (harmful to metals) and alcohol washing solution (harmful to plastics and paint).

  • The sterile lamp handle should be disinfected and sterilized by low-temperature method.

Function maintenance

  • Daily check the function of the shadowless operation theatre lamp to keep it in standby state. Check the status of the light bulb: place a white paper in the working area of the shadowless lamp. If there is an arc-shaped shadow, the light bulb is in an abnormal working state and should be replaced;

  • Regularly check the main body of the shadowless lamp, the looseness of various function keys and joints;

  • Regularly check the damping of the shadowless lamp to avoid drift of the lamp head and arm;

  • Regularly check the spring force of the shadowless lamp to avoid insufficient or overloaded elasticity;

  • Annual inspections are performed by certified engineers. If any problems are found, report them in time to equipment department or the shadowless surgical room lamp manufacturer for maintenance and repair.

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