Overview of Syringe Pumps and Their Operating Procedures

Syringe pumps can be divided into medical and non-medical syringe pumps according to different uses. What we are going to introduce to you today is medical syringe pumps, also known as push pumps and injection pumps. They are often used to inject drugs to patients, and the one that injects anesthetics is called anesthesia pump.

The liquid medicine is stored in the syringe, and the nut is connected with the piston of the syringe, so as to achieve high-precision, smooth and pulse-free liquid transmission.

The components of the syringe pump include a stepper motor and its driver, screw and bracket, etc., with a nut and screw that can move back and forth, also known as a screw pump.

The function of the syringe pump

  • It is used to deliver nutrients, vasodilators and vasoconstrictors in ICU, CCU and NICU (Neonatal Special Care Unit).

  • Syringe pumps are used to deliver anticancer agents, hormones and anesthetics.

  • Provide milk and nutrients for premature babies or newborns through the China feeding pump, a type of syringe pump designed specifically for feeding patients who require a regulated amount of nutrition over an extended period.

The use of syringe pumps

We know that medical syringe pumps are generally used in medical units, which can accurately and evenly control the input of medicinal liquid, but it should be noted that they cannot be applied to the use of drugs such as blood transfusion, insulin and analgesic chemotherapy.

We generally install the syringe pump casing on the infusion stand or on the table. The medical syringe pump should work in an environment where there is no strong shock, vibration, water and other liquids can not invade the interior of the device, and no corrosive gas.

Operation process of medical syringe pump

1. Connect the power supply of the syringe pump to the 220V socket, and then turn on the power switch;

2. Select the syringe to be used (normal syringe pumps should be able to use syringes produced by any manufacturer), and use the syringe to draw the liquid medicine and empty the air according to the specifications required by the brand of the syringe pump.

Then lift the handle of the syringe and put it into the syringe fixing groove of the medical syringe pump. After the syringe is fixed, connect the corresponding catheter to the intravenous channel;

3. Set up the injection program, including the injection volume and injection speed of the injected drug;

4. After completing the liquid medicine storage, press the start button to start the injection;

5. After completing the injection of the liquid medicine, pull out the needle, then turn off the power supply of the injection pump, and wipe the injection pump clean for the next use.

Precautions for the use of syringe pumps

  • If there is an alarm when the syringe pump is in use, it should be checked and eliminated in time. Common alarms include pipeline blockage and liquid medicine exhaustion.

  • If you need to change the liquid medicine when using the syringe pump, you should first clamp the venous channel with a clamp, temporarily stop the operation of the medical syringe pump, and then take out the syringe.

  • After the liquid medicine is replaced, put the syringe into the fixed tank again, repeat the steps of setting the injection program in the operation process, and then start the syringe pump after opening the channel.

  • When using the syringe pump, the ambient temperature should be higher than 45°C, because the operation of the syringe pump is relatively stable at this temperature.

  • The injection speed setting range of the injection pump should generally be set between 0.1-100ml/h.

  • When installing the syringe, neither the rotating clip nor the sliding propeller should be too hard to prevent too much liquid medicine from entering the patient's body.

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