How to Use ECG Monitor and Matters Needing Attention

As a high-precision instrument, the ECG monitoring machine can assist the medical staff in monitoring the patient's condition, and can detect changes in the condition that the medical staff cannot find temporarily, so that the patient can be treated in time.

It greatly reduces the mortality rate of patients and reduces complications. Let's take a look at the use of ECG monitoring machines.

Ⅰ. How to use the ECG monitoring machine?

1. Before use, pay attention to keeping the skin clean and dry, and wipe the stratum corneum of the skin where the electrode patch needs to be placed with abrasive paper.

2. Take out the electrode patch, and then stick the electrode patch sticker on the wiping part.

3. Next, take out the lead wires, buckle the three electrode lead wires into the ECG electrode patch, and place the red electrode of the ECG monitoring machine on the next finger of the right clavicle;

Place the yellow electrode in the middle of the two nipples; finally place the black electrode at the intersection of the left fifth rib and the left anterior axillary line.

4. Finally, plug the other end of the ECG lead wire into the monitoring device correctly along the direction of the arrow, and then turn on the monitoring device for ECG monitoring.

Ⅱ. Precautions when using ECG monitoring machine

1. Take out the ECG lead wire, align the convex surface of the plug of the lead wire with the groove of the "ECG" jack on the front panel of the main unit, and insert it.

2. The other end of the ECG lead wire with 5 electrode heads is connected to the human body to be measured.

Steps to connect correctly:

The 5 specific positions of the human body are wiped with the sand sheet on the electrode pad, and then the surface of the measurement site is cleaned with 75% ethanol. The purpose is to remove the stratum corneum and sweat stains on the human skin and prevent the electrode pads of the patient monitor from being in poor contact.

Fasten the electrode head of the ECG lead wire with the electrodes on the 5 electrode pads.

After the ethanol has evaporated cleanly, stick the 5 electrode sheets to the specific positions after cleaning to make the contact reliable and not fall off. 

Secure the placket clip on the lead wire to the bed. And tell the patient and medical staff not to pull the electrode wire and lead wire. 

3. Please be sure to connect the ground wire, which will play a very important role in the normal display of the waveform.

ECG monitoring machines are widely used in hospitals. The operation and data are accurate and convenient, which brings a lot of convenience to medical staff and effectively improves the quality of medical care in hospitals.

However, the ECG monitoring machine must pay attention to correct operation and maintenance in daily use, so as to ensure the service life and accuracy of the machine.

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