How to Buy a Suitable AED?

With the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to physical health, and public safety awareness has been improved. Auto external defibrillator is an indispensable part of public defibrillation and is very valued. How to choose an auto external defibrillator correctly?

Ⅰ. Application scenarios of auto external defibrillator

The selection of auto external defibrillators depends on different application scenarios. For example, the equipment of kindergarten auto external defibrillators and the equipment of factory auto external defibrillators are likely to be completely different. An auto external defibrillator used in infants and young children requires special patches and energy attenuators and other accessories.

In the factory laboratory, some all-metal environments cannot be directly connected to the auto external defibrillator equipment, because it is likely to conduct electricity, and some scenes must be insulated first.

Ⅱ. The language of the auto external defibrillator

Today's auto external defibrillators generally speak multiple languages, and even quickly activate the corresponding language recognition based on the judgment of the user's characteristics.

Besides commonly used language Chinese and English, there is also high-end auto external defibrillators even have more languages. Therefore, it is important to consider the category of users.

Ⅲ. Auto external defibrillator accessories

It is mainly the service life of auto external defibrillator patches and the service life of auto external defibrillator batteries, most of which are mainly lithium batteries, which can be used as one of the factors to consider when purchasing.

Ⅳ. Auto external defibrillator software

Auto external defibrillator equipment is like a set of "antivirus software". If the applicable case database is updated from time to time, it is particularly important to choose an auto external defibrillator brand that can continuously provide follow-up service data maintenance.

In addition, some auto external defibrillator devices now have features such as wireless data transmission and remote data entry. Such auto external defibrillator defibrillator devices are often equipped with mobile application software, which is a very good choice for enterprise-level auto external defibrillator management.

Ⅵ. Appearance of auto external defibrillator

Generally, the materials selected for the auto external defibrillator structure are engineering plastics, and some models have the characteristics of waterproof, fireproof, anti-skid, etc., which need to be identified in the case of purchase.

In addition, the more conspicuous red, yellow, blue, green and other large color blocks are commonly used in color. When purchasing an automatic external defibrillator, you can make specific equipment according to the company's logo color.

Ⅶ. Types of auto external defibrillator

At this stage, the AED China equipment on the market is also divided into two categories: automatic and semi-automatic. The main issue is whether the discharge steps need to be managed manually.

The equipment that does not require manual discharge is fully automatic, and the equipment that needs to be manually pressed to discharge is semi-automatic. Whether the defibrillator should be fully automatic or semi-automatic depends on the application scenario and cost-effectiveness and other indicators.

When selling auto external defibrillator equipment, brand owners generally provide supporting training services and after-sales service. Excellent auto external defibrillator brand suppliers have a complete system, from purchase to use, so that customers can avoid worries, and it is also the standard for choosing automatic external defibrillators!

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