Operating Methods, Maintenance and Preservation of Infusion Pump

A infusion pump is an instrument that can accurately control the number of drops or the flow rate of infusion, ensuring that drugs can enter the patient's body at a uniform speed, accurate dosage, and safely play a role. It is also an intelligent infusion device that is not affected by back pressure and operator, and can help reduce the intensity of clinical nursing work, improve the accuracy, safety and quality of infusion.

The product is used in conjunction with a matched infusion set, and controls the flow of liquid (medication, nutrient solution, etc.) injected into the patient's body through the positive pressure generated by the infusion pump. This product is typically used in medical settings to ensure the precise delivery of liquid substances into a patient's body. The infusion set and pump work together to regulate the flow of fluid according to the prescribed rate required in each particular case, making the China feeding pump a reliable tool for exact dosing of medication or nutrients

Operation Method of Infusion Pump

  • Prepare medication in the treatment room according to the doctor's order, check the quality, change, color change, turbidity, looseness of the bottle mouth, validity period, and saw it open after there is no problem. Disinfect with Andofukon cotton swab, suction medication, add and mix according to sterilization principles. Write the patient's name, bed number, added drug name, dosage on the bottle label, have a second person check, and assist the patient in taking a comfortable lying position.

  • Adjust the infusion speed and set the infusion volume according to the doctor's order.

  • Tie the tourniquet, select the blood vessel correctly, release the tourniquet, disinfect the skin, wait for it to dry, prepare the infusion patch, tie the tourniquet again, disinfect the skin again, puncture and fix it correctly.

  • Record the medication in the infusion pump, liquid volume, and infusion speed.

Maintenance of Infusion Pump

To extend the service life of the infusion pump and maintain the stability of its infusion, please follow the following operations:

  • Prevent any solid particles from entering the infusion pump body, and remove any solid particles from the mobile phase in advance. The inlet of the pump should be connected with a sand filter (or sheet), and the filter of the infusion pump should be replaced regularly.

  • The mobile phase should not contain any corrosive substances, and the mobile phase containing buffer should not be retained in the pump.

  • Pay attention to prevent the solvent bottle from running out of the flow phase when the infusion pump is working, otherwise, the empty pump will wear the plunger, seal ring, or cylinder, and ultimately produce a leak.

  • The working pressure of the infusion pump should not exceed the specified maximum pressure.

  • The flow phase should be degassed first to prevent bubbles from forming in the pump and affecting the stability of the flow rate.

Storage of Infusion Pump

  • When operating the infusion pump, do not touch the power plug with wet hands.

  • It should not be used in direct sunlight or strong light.

  • When used, the sensor plug must be inserted tightly, otherwise it will cause abnormal operation.

  • When not in use, lock it on the seat at the top of the infusion pump to avoid damaging it when moving and storing.

  • When charging, turn off the power switch first, and then charge.

  • If it is reused for the first time or after a long period of disuse, charge the battery fully before using it again.

  • The infusion pump should not be stored in places where it is directly blown by cold or humid (hot) air currents, such as fans, air conditioners, electric stoves, heaters, humidifiers, etc.

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