Instructions for Using a Ventilator Machine

In real life, ventilator machines are everywhere in various hospitals. Ventilator machines are essential medical equipment for hospitals, including domestic ventilators and pre-hospital emergency ventilators. The usage methods of different devices for ventilators are different.

When patients purchase ventilator machines, they must explain their symptoms clearly to the salesperson and buy targeted ventilators.

To avoid confusion and improper usage of equipment, patients should follow the guidance provided by the transport ventilator manufacturer when purchasing and using ventilator machines. It is imperative to understand the proper usage of the equipment to ensure the best possible results. The following is a brief overview of the usage of ventilator machines.

What are the usage scopes of ventilator machines?

  • Sudden or about to stop breathing.

  • Even when inhaling 100% oxygen, the arterial blood oxygen pressure cannot reach 50-60mmHg.

  • Severe hypoxia and carbon dioxide retention cause consciousness and circulatory dysfunction.

What are the operating procedures for hospital ventilators?

1) The patient is lying flat, and the buttons and trouser waists are unbuttoned. Faces towards the operator. When operating a hospital ventilator machine, first suction the patient's oral cavity and respiratory tract from secretions, vomiting, and other foreign objects with a catheter.

2) Move the pillow below the patient's shoulders. The operator stands at the top of the patient's head, supporting the patient's chin with the left hand to make the head tilt as far back as possible.

3) Hold the respiratory valve with the right hand and place the hospital ventilator mask over the patient's mouth and nose. Fix the mask with a strap or connect it with a tracheal tube. The left hand still supports the patient's chin to keep the head in a tilted position.

4) Squeeze the hospital ventilator machine breathing bag and then loosen it. Repeat this in rhythm at 14-16 times per minute.

5) If oxygen is needed, connect the oxygen to the hospital ventilator machine breathing bag inlet with a flow rate of about 6 liters per minute.

The above is the range and procedures for the use of ventilators. During the use of the equipment, the mask, hospital ventilator, and all aspects of the equipment must provide safety guarantees and pay attention to various details to ensure the equipment's lifespan.

What should I pay attention to when using a ventilator machine?

As the patient's breathing and assisted pressured breathing should be synchronized. The grip strength and rhythm of squeezing the hospital ventilator machine's breathing bag should be stable, not too fast or too slow, to avoid discomfort for the patient.

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