Urine Analyzer Usage and Precautions

1. How to use the urine analyser machine?

Everyone knows that a urine analyser machine is used to test the composition of urine. It is a commonly used urine test equipment. The measured data can be used to corroborate many symptoms.

The urine analyser machine has become a preliminary examination that cannot be ignored in clinical practice. There are many changes in urine in the early stage of kidney disease that will provide important clues. So what are the methods of using the urine analyser machine? Let's take a semi-automatic urine analyser machine as an example to explain in detail:

First turn on the power of the instrument, observe whether the instrument is abnormal, and warm up for a few minutes. Select the required test strip paths.

Then put the quality control test strip (accompanying accessories) into the detection tank, start the run key, and the instrument will print out the quality control result in a moment, which should be consistent with the standard value on the test strip box, and take out the quality control tape for storage.

If the urine analyser machine instrument fails, it will print out the word "ROUBLE", according to the prompts to find the corresponding fault table and eliminate the fault.

Finally, the test strip to be tested is immersed in the random urine sample, and the immersion time is carried out according to the instructions of the test strip. When taking out, the lower end of the test strip should be close to the inner wall of the specimen cup to remove excess urine. Put the test strip into the detection tank within the specified time and observe the printing results.

Ⅱ. The use of urine analyser machine precautions

1. Keep the instrument clean, and ensure the use of a clean sampling cup and fresh mixed urine. After the specimen is collected, it should generally be tested within 2 hours.

2. Different types of urine analyser machines use different urine test strips. When the test strip is changed from refrigerated temperature to room temperature, do not open the bottle cap containing the test strip.

The bottle cap should be closed immediately after each use to prevent the test strip from getting wet and deteriorating. The time for the test strip to be immersed in the urine sample is 2 seconds. Excessive urine samples should be removed by filter paper. All reagent blocks, including blank blocks, must be fully penetrated into the urine.

The best temperature for using the urine analyser machine should be room temperature 20-25°C, and urine samples and test strips are best maintained within this temperature range.

3. When reporting the test results, due to the large differences in the result grades of various types of urine analyser machines, they cannot be explained by the symbol code results alone, but should be analyzed in combination with semi-quantitative values, so as to avoid inappropriate reporting of qualitative results, bringing confusion to clinical interpretation.

Test strips should be stored in a dry, opaque, covered container in a cool, dry place. It is forbidden to put in the refrigerator or expose to volatile fumes.

The specific use and precautions of the urine analyser machine are introduced here. As a precise in-vitro diagnostic equipment, the urine analyser machine has a high usage rate. Usually, it must pay more attention to maintenance and maintenance in the process of use.

Clean it after each use, and follow the instructions for specific operations. The urine analyser machine should also be thoroughly checked before use to minimize detection errors.

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