How to Choose a Blood Pressure Machine?

The elders in the family are getting older, and blood pressure is prone to problems, so blood pressure needs to be measured regularly, and blood pressure machines have become a must-have for most families.

After all, a sphygmomanometer is a measuring tool related to health, so it is natural to be sloppy when purchasing. There are many types of sphygmomanometers for sale in major markets and shopping websites, so how to choose a blood pressure machine with high cost performance and accurate measurement?

Different people should choose according to their personal circumstances. For those who travel frequently, it is recommended to choose a wrist-type electronic blood pressure monitor that is more convenient to carry, which can be used during business trips and travel.

However, for patients with severe vascular sclerosis or vascular calcification, as well as patients with diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension and other blood disorders and vascular diseases, it is not suitable to use wrist and finger electronic sphygmomanometers, and it is more accurate to use an upper arm electronic blood pressure machine.

Barometer-type blood pressure machines have been rarely used in clinical practice, so it is not recommended to purchase them. Mercury sphygmomanometers are difficult to maintain and can be purchased according to needs.

1. Choose a good brand of blood pressure machine

Be sure to choose a good brand of sphygmomanometer. Now there are many brands of electronic sphygmomanometers on the market, and regular and informal electronic sphygmomanometer products are mixed.

China has strict regulations on medical devices. Production must have a medical device production license, and sales must have a medical device registration number.

Therefore, before purchasing a blood pressure machine for home, we need to check the relevant qualifications of the purchased home sphygmomanometer to exclude irregular and shoddy sphygmomanometers, which is the basis for ensuring the quality of home sphygmomanometers.

The product manual should have the production license number, as well as a detailed description of the correct use of the product. Failure to understand the correct use of the product will also affect the correctness of the measurement results.

2. Choose a blood pressure machine with good technology

Depending on the repeatability of the measurement results, the difference in production process and production technology, the accuracy of the electronic sphygmomanometer will also be affected. Moreover, in the production of electronic sphygmomanometers, there will inevitably be a certain probability that non-qualified products will flow into qualified products.

Therefore, we can observe the detected data results through multiple measurements of the electronic sphygmomanometer in different time periods, and compare the test stability, accuracy and floating range of the electronic sphygmomanometer. If the error is too large, the repeatability of the product is not good.

3. Look at the correctness of the measurement results of the blood pressure machine for home

Compare the results measured in the same normal blood pressure person with the results measured in the hospital to see the error value of the results. If the error is not too large, it can be used as a reference when measuring by yourself in the future.

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