Classification of Urine Analyser Machines

Medicine is becoming more and more developed, and corresponding medical instruments are becoming more and more popular. Urine routine is one of the "three routine" inspection items in medicine, which represents the wide application of urine analyser machines in clinical practice.

The current hospital urine routine inspection basically realizes the automatic test of the instrument, which saves a lot of manpower, reduces the inspection time, and brings great convenience to the majority of patients. Do you know the classification of urine analyser machine? Next, I will give you a detailed introduction.

1. Urine analyser machines are classified according to their working methods

Urine analyser machines can be divided into wet urine analyser machines and dry urine analyser machines according to their working methods. Among them, dry urine analyser machines are mainly used to automatically evaluate the measurement results of the dry test paper method. Due to the structure of the dry urine analyser machine Simple, easy to use, and widely used in clinical practice.

2. Urine analyser machines are classified by test items

Urine analyser machines can be divided into 8 urine analyser machines, 9 urine analyser machines, 10 urine analyser machines, 11 urine analyser machines, 12 urine analyser machines, and 13 urine analyser machines according to the test items. instrument and 14 urine analyser machines.

Test items include urine protein, urine glucose, urine pH, urine ketone bodies, urine bilirubin, urobilinogen, urine occult blood, nitrite, urine white blood cells, urine specific gravity, vitamin C and turbidity.

3. Urine analyser machines are classified according to the degree of automation

Urine analyzer machine can be divided into semi-automated urinalysis analyzers and automated urinalysis analyzers according to the degree of automation.

(1) Semi-automated urinalysis analyzer

At present, many manufacturers produce semi-automated urinalysis analyzers. Semi-automated urinalysis analyzers are simple in principle, small in size, low in cost and short in development cycle. Urine test strips are easy to find substitutes, so they occupy a large number of user markets in China.

The structure, interface and operation of the semi-automated urinalysis analyzer are relatively simple, but it needs to inject samples one by one and mix the samples manually. Generally, there is no automatic barcode scanning, and the urine test strips need to be directly immersed in the urine cup by hand.

The semi-automated urinalysis analyzer is likely to cause the color of a reagent pad to be too dark and the urine to seep too much to contaminate the adjacent reagent pad area, and it is easy to cause indirect pollution to the operator and the laboratory bench.

(2) Automated urinalysis analyzer

The automated urinalysis analyzer generally uses a cleverly designed transmission device, adding functions such as automatic sample delivery, sample aspiration, spotting, cleaning, test strip feeding, and collection of waste strips. It is suitable for measuring batches of specimens, large hospitals or physical examinations Units are used more.

Its advantages lie in automatic sample injection, automatic shaking of samples, automatic scanning of test tube barcodes, reduction of manual numbering work, accurate control of the amount and time of spotting, no contamination of adjacent reagent pads, and less contamination to the operator. Comes with quality control solution.

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