Overview of Blood Gas Analyser and Its Working Principle

1. What is a blood gas analyser?

We often hear the word blood and qi when we see Chinese medicine. It generally refers to human essence, qi, blood, and body fluid. Chinese medicine believes that these are the basic substances that constitute the human body and maintain human activities.

How a person's spirit is mainly depends on whether his blood is sufficient. Traditional Chinese medicine usually judges and analyzes the patient's condition by looking, hearing, asking, and inquiring.

The blood gas analysis in clinical medicine refers to the application of a blood gas analyser to understand the respiratory function and the acid-base balance of the human body by measuring the H+ concentration of the human blood and the gas dissolved in the blood. It can directly reflect the lung ventilation. function and its acid-base balance.

The specimens used in blood gas analysis machine are often arterial blood, which is mainly used for the diagnosis of hypoxemia and respiratory failure, including type I respiratory failure, type II respiratory failure, differential diagnosis of dyspnea, differential diagnosis of coma, selection of surgical indications, Instructions of the ventilator application, adjustment of ventilator parameters, timing ventilation, observation of ventilator treatment effect, diagnosis of acid-base imbalance, etc.

The blood gas analyser can directly measure the carbon dioxide content, and the blood gas analyser calculates a series of parameters such as pressure, partial pressure of oxygen, and pH value to guide clinical diagnosis and treatment.

A blood gas analyser refers to an instrument that uses electrodes to measure the pH, partial pressure of carbon dioxide (PCO2) and partial pressure of oxygen (PO2) in the arteries in a relatively short period of time.

The blood gas analyser can perform functions such as automatic calibration, automatic sample injection, automatic detection and fault self-diagnosis. The blood gas analyser is easy to operate, fast in analysis speed and high in accuracy.

2. What is the working principle of the blood gas analyser?

The working principle of the BGA analyzer machine is that under the negative pressure suction of the pipeline system, the sample blood is sucked into the capillary tube and contacts with the pH reference electrode, pH, PO2 and PCO2 electrodes on the capillary wall.

The electrodes convert the measured parameters into their respective electrical signals. These electrical signals are amplified and converted into analog-to-digital signals and then sent to the microcomputer of the instrument. After arithmetic processing, the measurement results are displayed and printed, and the blood gas analyser completes the entire detection process. .

If our blood qi deficiency in life is mainly supplemented by diet and exercise, medicine is generally used as an auxiliary, for example, we can add some isinglass, bird's nest, sea cucumber soup and other supplementary qi and blood, maintain a regular diet, and perform aerobic exercise.

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