What Are the Functions of ECG EKG Machines?

When you have heart palpitations, dizziness, or shortness of breath, an electrocardiogram is often done to see if there is a problem with the heart. An electrocardiogram is also one of the most common inspection items in daily physical examinations, which can assist in diagnosing a variety of diseases.

Therefore, the ECG EKG machine is widely used in many occasions, and now the progress of medical treatment has invented a smart home ECG EKG machine. So what are the functions of the ECG EKG machine, let's take a look.

1. Electrocardiogram machine to diagnose various arrhythmias

Mild arrhythmia symptoms are mostly not obvious, only feel uncomfortable or rapid heartbeat, or even no symptoms, can only be found when checking the ECG, such as atrial and ventricular premature beats.

However, if these arrhythmia symptoms are serious, they may be accompanied by chest tightness, shortness of breath, dizziness, amaurosis, convulsions, etc., and even syncope. Early detection and early treatment can minimize the harm.

ECG is the most convenient method for diagnosing arrhythmia, and the recording of ECG machine at the onset of arrhythmia is an important basis for diagnosing the nature of arrhythmia.

2. The ECG EKG machine finds out whether there is coronary heart disease

Because the fundamental pathology of coronary heart disease is poor coronary blood supply, insufficient blood supply, ischemia, etc., the ECG will show ST-T changes, typically manifested as ST segment level down, T wave disappearance, inversion, etc.

In the diagnosis of coronary heart disease, especially acute myocardial infarction, ECG examination plays a diagnostic role. The examination of ECG machine for hospital can quickly identify various types of coronary heart disease. For patients with chest pain or suspected coronary heart disease, ECG examination is essential.

3. The electrocardiogram machine diagnoses whether the body's electrolytes are disturbed

Under normal circumstances, the electrolyte concentration in the human body is always relatively stable and balanced. When the electrolyte balance disorder is caused by the disease, it will affect the electrophysiological properties of cardiomyocytes and the action potential of cardiomyocytes, and the electrocardiogram will change accordingly. Changes in serum potassium and calcium concentrations have the most obvious effect on ECG.

According to the trend of the electrocardiogram, doctors can judge whether the patient has symptoms of electrolyte metabolism disorder, and the electrocardiogram examination can provide an important basis for clinical diagnosis of whether the body electrolytes are disordered.

4. The electrocardiogram machine to determine the abnormal situation of the atrioventricular

When a patient has atrial and ventricular hypertrophy and enlargement, the patient's heart will experience obvious discomfort. At this time, an electrocardiogram can be used to accurately understand which disease causes the patient's heart abnormality, which is helpful for accurate medication.

5. ECG EKG machine helps pregnant women diagnose heart disease

ECG examination plays a vital role in the early detection, early treatment and prevention of complications of pregnancy complicated with heart disease.

During pregnancy, the blood stasis of pregnant women increases, peripheral circulatory resistance increases, and some pregnant women are prone to induce cardiac insufficiency or even failure, especially during childbirth.

At this time, it is also necessary to pass the hospital electrocardiogram examination to help the doctor determine whether the mother has the phenomenon of heart overload, whether the baby can be born normally and the health of the mother's heart.

6. Daily cardiac monitoring with ECG EKG machine

It is used for daily monitoring of critically ill cardiovascular patients, postoperative people, the elderly and other groups, and can detect potential cardiac risks at any time.

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