Parameters and Maintenance Methods of Hemodialysis Machine

Ⅰ. What is a hemodialysis machine?

The hemodialysis machine is a multi-part integrated system that integrates dialysate heating facilities, dialysate degassing devices, precise configuration of dialysate pH, constant volume dehydration closed system, peristaltic blood pumps and chemical or thermal disinfection devices.

In medical equipment, hemodialysis machines work for a long time and are easily affected by heat and chemical corrosion, causing wear of components, affecting the performance indicators of the entire dialysis system, and directly related to the quality of hemodialysis and life safety of patients.

The daily maintenance and calibration of the hemodialysis machine is a quality control process, which must not be ignored. At present, in the clinical use of hemodialysis equipment, the individual performance indicators of many machines do not meet the qualified standards, and some of them run with malfunctions, causing The quality of dialysis decreases and the safety of dialysis cannot be guaranteed, which needs to be paid great attention.

Ⅱ. The main factors affecting the dialysis effect of hemodialysis machine

The hemodialysis machine is divided into two parts: the water circuit and the blood circuit. The main factors affecting the dialysis effect are: dialysate ratio, dialysate temperature, ultrafiltration volume and blood flow. As one of the most experienced hemodialysis equipment manufacturers in China, our company provide different solutions for customers.

1. The ratio of dialysate

The composition and concentration of the dialysate are set by the physician according to clinical needs. The stability of the composition and concentration of the dialysate is the guarantee for the patient to achieve adequate dialysis. Any deviation from a certain range will cause discomfort to the patient, cause complications, and may even lead to die.

Usually, the dialysate proportioning system consists of electrodes for testing conductance, A and B pumps, and the possibility of proportioning errors is also concentrated in these two reasons.

One is the blockage or leakage of the A liquid pump or the B liquid pump, resulting in an incomplete ratio; the second is the inaccurate concentration monitoring due to the corrosion and precipitation of chemical substances on the electrodes.

Maintenance points: After each dialysis, the hemodialysis machine should be decalcified, disinfected and cleaned according to the standard operating procedure, and the concentration of the decalcification solution and the disinfectant and the cleaning and disinfection time should be guaranteed.

It is recommended to send the proportioned dialysate to electrolyte testing once a month. If there is an error, be sure to find out the reason and make corrections.

2. Dialysate temperature

Keeping the temperature of the dialysate constant is the basic condition for maintaining adequate dialysis of blood during extracorporeal circulation dialysis. If the temperature is too low or too high, the patient will be uncomfortable. If the temperature exceeds 41°C, hemolytic damage will occur.

Although the current hemodialysis machine is equipped with a precise digital temperature control method, due to the change of the inlet water temperature and the exchange of blood between the dialysate and the dialyzer, the temperature at the remote end is greatly affected by the outside world, difficult to control.

Especially in hot summer and cold winter, due to the great difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures, it will directly affect the control of dialysate temperature.

Maintenance points: The temperature of the water at the inlet of the dialyzer should be checked frequently with an external thermometer. Note that the hemodialysis machine must be operated normally for 1 hour before measuring the temperature, and the temperature value at this time is relatively correct.

When the heat turns to cold or the cold turns to hot, the water temperature monitoring and debugging must be carried out.

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